Welcome to cs-go.cloud
Here You can create a free CS GO server for 2 hours without any cost.
It's perfect choice for clan battle or a quick match with low ping latency in Europe!
Idea behind this service is share free cs server with everyone who need it at the moment.

Create new free CS-GO server

Open console (~) and connect to server.
Login : rcon_password YourPasswordHere

Please use command rcon help and rcon help2.

rcon exec help - console displays the available commands OTHER, CONFIGS
rcon exec help2 - console displays the available commands change MAP
rcon rr - 1 restart the mp_restartgame 1
rcon lo3 - 3 restarts and live
rcon !pause - pause the match
rcon !unpause - unpause the match
rcon scramble - mixing teams (mp_scrambleteams)
rcon swap - page change teams (mp_swapteams)

// CONFIGS rcon server - loading standard server configuration
rcon knife - loads config round knife
rcon warmup - loads config warmup
rcon trening - loads config training
rcon pcw - loads config PCW/MIX

rcon esl1on1 - loads config ESL 1on1 NormalMap (MR15)
rcon esl1on1aim - loads config ESL 1on1 AimMap (MR15)
rcon esl1on1awp - loads config ESL 1on1 AWP (MR9)
rcon esl1on1hg - loads config ESL 1on1 Handgun (MR9)
rcon fec1on1 - loads config Fantasy Expo Challenge 1on1 (MR15)
rcon csg1on1 - loads config CSGames 1on1 (MR15)
rcon csg1on1aim - loads config CSGames 1on1 AimMap (MR9)
rcon csg1on1hg - loads config CSGames 1on1 Handgun (MR15)

rcon esl2on2 - loads config ESL 2on2 NormalMap (MR15)
rcon esl2on2aim - loads config ESL 2on2 AimMap (MR15)
rcon esl2on2awp - loads config ESL 2on2 AWP (MR9)
rcon esl2on2hg - loads config ESL 2on2 Handgun (MR9)
rcon csg2on2 - loads config CSGames 2on2 NormalMap (MR15)
rcon csg2on2aim - loads config CSGames 2on2 AimMap (MR9)
rcon csg2on2hg - loads config CSGames 2on2 Handgun (MR15)

rcon esl5on5 - loads config ESL 3on3/5on5 NormalMap (MR15)
rcon fec5on5 - loads config Fantasy Expo Challenge 5on5 (MR15)
rcon csg5on5 - loads config CSGames 5on5 NormalMap (MR15)

rcon aztec - changes map on de_aztec
rcon cache - changes map on de_cache
rcon cbble - changes map on de_cbble (Cobblestone)
rcon dust - changes map on de_dust
rcon dust2 - changes map on de_dust2
rcon inferno - changes map on de_inferno
rcon mirage - changes map on de_mirage
rcon nuke - changes map on de_nuke
rcon overpass - changes map on de_overpass
rcon season - changes map on de_season
rcon train - changes map on de_train
rcon tuscan - changes map on de_tuscan
rcon aim_9h_ak - changes map on aim_9h_ak
rcon aim_dust_go - changes map on aim_dust_go
rcon aim_glockon - changes map on aim_glockon
rcon aim_icemap - changes map on aim_icemap
rcon aim_map - changes map on aim_map
rcon aim_map2_go - changes map on aim_map2_go
rcon aim_redline - changes map on aim_redline
rcon awp_bycastor32 - changes map on awp_bycastor32
rcon awp_bridge - changes map on awp_bridge
rcon awp_deathcanyon - changes map on awp_deathcanyon
rcon awp_ice_csgo - changes map on awp_ice_csgo
rcon awp_india_csgo - changes map on awp_india_csgo
rcon awp_lego_csgo - changes map on awp_lego_csgo
rcon awp_map_classic - changes map on awp_map_classic
rcon awp_pro - changes map on awp_pro
rcon awp_towerzz - changes map on awp_towerzz
rcon awp_vietnam - changes map on awp_vietnam

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Please note that you have 3 minutes to connect with server.

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